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Opublikowano 15 marca 2017 w: Aktualności

Call – Panel on Quantitative Methods at DiscourseNet Congress (13-15 Sep, Warwick GB)

Call – RC33 “Logic & Methodology” Sessions, ISA World Congress of Sociology (15-21 Jul, Toronto)

Call – 2017 Methods Mall, NSF-supported Courses on Research Methods (9
Jul-12 Aug, Gainesville FL)

Meeting – Sciences XXL, Big Data & Social Sciences (16-17 Mar, Paris) francais

Call – 11th Annual Internat Conf on Sociology (1-2 May, Athens GR)

For a full year, you can join or remain on the BMS-RC33 list for 10 euros paid to the AIMS by Visa or Masters. That can be done by emailing to bms-aims@orange.fr your name, card number, expiration date and security code. If you are worried about Internet security, send that information in two or three separate emails.