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The Krakow Section of the Polish Sociological Association brings together over a hundred sociologists, mostly from the Małopolska region. The Krakow Section’s activities focus on popularising sociological knowledge by organising debates, open meetings and seminars. We collaborate with thematic sections of the Polish Sociological Association, various research institutions, non-governmental organisations, cultural and educational institutions and local authorities and communities. While choosing topics for our meetings, we draw inspiration from both the most current sociological debates and issues relevant to local communities, society and various social actors. OK PTS also organises the Sociological Evenings series, where we discuss various key sociological topics with invited experts.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we moved our activities online. The events we co-organised included those directly responding to the challenges and social processes associated with the pandemic:

  • “Urban tourism during and after the pandemic” – a seminar of the PTS Urban Sociology Section
  • “About education in a pandemic and beyond. Discussion on the report Beyond the Horizon. Course on education” – part of the Sociological Evenings series with Jerzy Hausner (Krakow Univeristy of Economics), Barbara Worek (Jagiellonian University) Oktawia Gorzelska (Educational Leadership Academy) and Piotr Długosz (Pedagogical Univeristy of Krakow)
  • “Cities are dead, let the cities live? Housing mobility, developers’ activity and local housing policies and the trace of urbanisation in Poland (in the unexpected conditions of a pandemic)” – a discussion within the Sociological Evenings series with Katarzyna Kajdanek, PhD, Prof. UWr.

All individuals, organisations and institutions interested in cooperation are welcome to contact us.

Board of OK PTS (2019-2022)

Katarzyna Zielińska – President

Justyna Struzik – Deputy President

Radosław Tyrała – Deputy President

Ewa Kopczyńska – Treasurer

Marcin Zwierżdżyński – Secretary

Marta Smagacz-Poziemska – Member of the Board

Marta Juza – Member of the Board

Ewelina Ciaputa – Member of the Board

Audit Committee

Jolanta Perek-Białas

Tomasz Piróg

Tadeusz Sozański

The most current information about OK PTS activities is available on the website: https://www.facebook.com/OK.PTS

E-mail: oddzialkrakowski@pts.org.pl



ul. Grodzka 52
31-004 Kraków
Tel. 012 663 17 92
fax (012) 430 20 99