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Section of Economic Sociology

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Economic sociology is an important subdiscipline of sociology. Economic phenomena that are embedded in social relations are taken as a subject of investigation by various sociological centers. In the last period – in the context of the weakening of the neo-classical paradigm in economics and of the launching of the embeddedness and related meta-assumptions by sociology – the sociological treatment of economic processes underwent a considerable revival. Conferences are being organized on this topic, and publications keep coming hot off the press. In Poland also, there is a number of recognized scholars who are interested in economic sociology, even though an autonomous section within the Polish Sociological Association has only recently been constituted.

Within the framework of this section, we aim to give an answer to the following questions: To what extent, the contemporarily exercised economic sociology leads to the economization of the sociological imagination? Is this process accompanied by the parallel effect of sociology on economy and related disciplines in social sciences (such as accounting) and the subsequent sociologization of economy?


Workshops: Bringing the New Economic Sociology Back Into the Sociological Analysis