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Address: Doc. Krystyna Lutyńska (the chair), ul. Narutowicza 79 m. 31, 90-138 Łódź, Tel. (0-42) 678-30-31, The Board members elected in 2011: doc. dr hab. Krystyna Lutyńska – chair, dr Andrzej Rostocki – vice – chair, dr Beata Pawłowska – tresaurer, dr Anna Kacperczyk – secretary of the Board, M.A. Sylwia Męcfal and Prof. Krzysztof Konecki members of the Board; Audit Committee: Longin Indisow, Elżbieta Sprusińska, Ilona Przybyłowska.

The Department is very active and organizes many lectures where the sociologists discuss and exchange the ideas on the newest trends in sociology and social life. Department organizes also the conferences and actively cooperate with the Section of Qualitative Sociology and Symbolic Interactionism PSA.




ul. Rewolucji 1905 r. 41/43,
90-214 Łódź