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The 8th STS Italia Conference “Dis/Entangling Technoscience. Vulnerability, Responsibility and Justice”

The 8th STS Italia Conference will be held in Trieste, Italy, (June 17-19, 2021). The conference is organized by the Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies, in collaboration with the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Trieste. 

The conference will be an opportunity to present empirical and theoretical work from a variety of disciplines: sociology, anthropology, design, economics, history, law, philosophy, psychology and semiotics. The focal theme of the 8th STS Italia Conference will be “Dis/Entangling Technoscience: Vulnerability, Responsibility and Justice”. This broad theme refers to the complex and ambivalent role of technoscience and innovation in constituting societies – making possibilities flourish, but also creating new vulnerabilities. The conference will include 28 tracks, which are clustered into five thematic streams. The tracks focus on several topics, including: biomedicine, digital platforms and  media, work and organizations, expertise and public policy, ethics of technology and innovation, and governance of  science and technology at large.

Abstracts (written in English, or in Italian in case of tracks in two language) should be submitted by December, 18 to the conference email address (stsitaliaconf@gmail.com [1]) and to the emails of convenors’ selected track. Track Convenor(s) will be responsible for reviewing, accepting/rejecting and organising submissions into their track.


· Biomedicine, bodies and technoscience [2];    

· Platforms, digital technologies and media environments [2];     

· Rethinking science, technology and innovation: emerging challenges [2];     

· Including, excluding and connecting through / within technoscience [2];     

· Governing and reshuffling technoscience and innovation processes [2];

·  Open Track:  Science and Technology Studies in Post-socialist countries/in Central and Eastern European countries; [2]· [3]

·  Open Track on PANDEMIC AND STS:    How to Protect Communities from Sars CoV-2 through Co-production of Health and the Design of Commons-Based Ecosystems by Adopting Distributed Ledger Technologies? [3]

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