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New issue of Italian Sociological Review

New issue of Italian Sociological Review, Vol. 6, N. 1 (2016) – http://www.italiansociologicalreview.org/ [1]


The contents of the new Issue are:


Special section: Crisis and Consumption in Europe

Crisis and Consumption in Europe
Domenico Secondulfo, Francesca Setiffi

The Crisis and Italian Families
Domenico Secondulfo, Luigi Tronca

Social Bonds and Coping Strategies of Unemployed People in Europe Serge Paugam

Consumers during the 2008-2011 Economic Crisis in Estonia: Mainstream and Grass Roots Media Discourses Triin Vihalemm, Margit Keller, Kristin Pihu

Consuming the Home. Walking the Thin Line between Welfare and catastrophe Elling Borgeraas, Christian Poppe, Randi Lavik

Crisis, Inequality and Consumption – a Dutch Perspective Stefan Wahlen

Consumption Epiphany: from Abstract to Material Gian Paolo Lazzer