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Call for papers: International Conference Intersections of tourism and migration

Call for papers International Conference “Intersections of tourism and migration”

Gdańsk, Poland, 22-23 April 2016


Conference organizers: University of Gdańsk and University of Iceland



The conference aims at better understanding of mobility practices through abolishing We suggest that tourism and migration understood as practices and discourses are intertwined and mutually influence one another. The boundary between them is not clear leisure. The deeper understanding of the intertwinement of these two practices is vital not only as a heuristic exercise but also as an important tool of social critique since the d result in an discriminatory practices towards selected groups of mobile subject experiences (e.g. undocumented migrants) while other groups enjoy social privilege (e.g. “expatriates”) migration need to be studied at the level of i environment, in which they unfold. The idea of crossing boundaries mobility can be translated and adopted as an idea for studying mobility as such.


We invite papers that address a variety of topics related to th migration:

-discourses and practices of human and non

-symbols, myths and representations of mobility and mobile subject

-leisure and work in mobility context,

-diaspora tourism/Visiting Friends and Relatives tourism (VFR)

-formality and informality in mobility,

-research methods and limitations, mobile methods,

-different types of mobile subjects (migrants, refugees, expats, tourists, travelers

-nature as a scarce resource, experience, embodiment and attraction in mobility context,

-meeting points/environments of mobile and static subjects

-genius loci and mobility; social practices and empowerment by place.


The paper proposals containing the names and mails of the authors, paper title and an abstract of up to 200 words should be sent at the mail: anna.horolets[at]ug.edu.pl


The deadline for paper proposals is February 15, 2016.